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HR Audit - Get Strategic with a Cold Eye's Review

Audits, love them or hate them, they are an excellent tool to identify opportunities and risks. You have probably hear of regular audits in many areas of business such as accounting or safety, but many are missing the opportunities with a thorough HR Audit.

There are three main focuses of Human Resources Audits:

1. Compliance audit (ensure your business is keeping up with changing legislation)

2. HR Functions audit (does your HR program include all the necessary functions for your business and do you have an regular check points and updates to ensure it is being managed effectively)

3. Performance audit (checks to see how your HR policies and practises are performing against industry benchmarks and your corporate goals).

Below is an overview of the process of the audit. I recommend having a regular scheduled audit (typically annually but can be any interval that works for your business). If you are concerned that you have missed opportunities, possible legal compliance issues, or want to take your Human Resources Management to a more strategic level, I highly recommend starting with a HR audit. It's a great tool to gather the necessary information to create a targeted action plan. Contact me today if you are interested in getting support to conduct an audit in your business.

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