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Investigating Workplace Harassment & Violence Complaints
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It is your responsibility to keep your Company free of Harassment and Violence - ensure your team and processes are ready with training or if you require third party investigation, we offer that as well.

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Workplace Investigation and Restoration 

Workplace Assessment

This approach is great to understand the trends on your team through an assessment of what is going well, potential opportunities for improvement and risk assessment for potential workplace culture / environment concerns. Services range from individual interviews to online anonymous assessments. Get the pulse of your team and take a preventative approach to maintaining a positive workplace culture.

Workplace Investigations

Organizations have a legal obligation to protect their workers from harassment and violence in the workplace. When a complaint comes forward and an investigation may be necessary, trust the experts at Lakeland HR.
With specialized training and over 15 years experience, we can support your business’s investigation needs. 

In addition to workplace harassment investigations we offer workplace investigations in potential conduct violations such as conflict of interest and theft. 

Conflict Resolution

Workplace Restoration

Investigations can be very impactful to teams, to support a positive shift in your team and clear accountability on expectations we offer workplace restoration. Focusing on fostering trust and respect in the workplace through training and restorative coaching and support.


Legal Responsibility

It is your responsibility as an Employer to provide a safe working environment for employees free of harassment and violence and respond appropriately to workplace complaints.

Formal Vs Informal Complaints

Understand the difference of a formal and informal complaint and the necessary action required for your workplace situation. 


Know the questions to ask and the technique to approach to ensure a thorough and appropriate response for your specific workplace situation.

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