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Get the right job listing exposure, and internal support; from start to finish with our recruitment services. Learn more


We understand rural recruiting challenges

We live here, we know the area

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Service Level Customized to Your Business Needs

Recruitment Services are customized to your organization's needs and based on level of support and involvement requested by Lakeland HR. 

Support can look like:

  • Custom Marketing Plan

  • Content Creation (Digital Ads, Job Postings and Descriptions)

  • Posting Online and Monitoring on Various Platforms

  • Attracting, Sourcing, and Growing Candidate Pools

  • Receiving Applications on your behalf and Qualified Shortlist Creation

  • Strategic Recruiting and Pipeline Review

  • Initial Contact and Phone Screening with each Qualified Candidate

  • Dedicated Time to Sourcing

  • Interview Process Support

  • Pre-employment Screening

  • Reference Checks / Background Checks

  • Custom Offer Letters and New Hire Document creation and implementation

  • Streamlining your hiring process for efficient and consistent onboarding

Let's chat about your recruitment needs

Why Lakeland HR Recruitment?

Giving Your Recruitment The Attention It Needs In A Challenging Market

  • Focused approach to source candidates

  • Save time with us making the initial calls so you focus only on qualified candidates


  • Offer Custom service levels 

  • No long term commitment

  • Commission Free

  • Creative approach focused on your business needs

  • Embracing your work culture by integrating your Brand, Mission, and Values into your HR Policies and Procedures

Know Who You Are Hiring

  • Support with professional pre-employment screening based on your custom job hiring needs


  • We are local and understand the challenges local companies face

  • Focus on growing our candidate pool locally across different industries / professions

  • Stay up to date with industry trends

  • Support non-local candidates with education/resources on living in the Lakeland

Candidate Pipeline

  • Access to your own portal for real time communication

  • Organized candidate pipeline

  • Efficient processes and systems so resources are spent on finding the right fit


  • Experienced recruiters with legislative and best practice knowledge 

  • Confidential approach, respect the sensitivity that job seekers and businesses face when recruiting

  • Offering confidential postings with a transparent process

Proven Results

  • Successfully placed multiple roles across different industries

  • Examples include: not for profit, oil and gas, skilled trades, management roles, administrative professionals, class 1 and 3 operators, skilled labour

  • Focused on finding the right fit for both the organization and the candidate


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