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Has This Happened To You?

Your business is thriving!
You need to expand your Policy and Procedures Manual, if you even have one! Where do you start?!

An employee is off work on
Medical Leave. Legally, what is your role? What Questions can you ask?
What documentation do you require?

You need to give some tough feedback to a longterm team member. You're worried about how it will be perceived. How do you proceed?

A staff member has alleged to being harassed in the workplace. Make sure you are following all the necessary steps to rectify this immediately

A team member has asked you for a raise. How do you start the conversation?

Some workplace conflict has come to a head!
How do you mediate and resolve these issues apropriately?

Your team is ready to expand their knowledge and be consistent in your companies values with some new Training! Where should you start?  You are so busy, if only there was someone to facilitate the training...

Facilitation and Support In All Things HR

Direct Support for Employees & Employers.                Not sure how it works? Contact Us



Conflict Resolution

Workplace Assessments

Q + A

Exit Interviews

Leadership Coaching

Job Descriptions

Career Development

Succession Planning

Direct Employee Support

Document Preparation

On Site Direct Support

HR Advice/Coaching

Grant Applications and Management

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Once you have Recruited the right people, you will want to: Maximize their performance, make sure they follow policies, and in some cases, end their employment; in a way that does not lead to bad blood or legal fees.
Our HR Professionals are here for you as needed with practical and sound HR advice.

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