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Custom Facilitated Training

You may be eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant:

Invest in your team -of any size- with hands-on, interactive training.
Contact us to discuss customizable training based on your companies needs.

Custom Online Training Course Development

Offering Custom Online Course Development great for policies, internal training, and new hire orientation. Create consistent training for your team on an interactive online training platform. 


Overview of Options:

  • Custom Learning Management System for your Company with admin set up

  • Real life voice or computer generated voice

  • Custom Certification generation

  • Interactive quizzes, surveys, questions

  • Fully animated training videos

Courses examples:

  • WHMIS (Company specific)

  • Respect in the Workplace 

  • Custom Policy Training Development

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Custom Training Inquiry

Thank you for your inquiry.
A Team Member will reach out to discuss your training needs!

facilitated training
Custom Training Inq=uiry

Offering Custom Facilitated Training

Invest in the development of your team, discuss your business training needs with our trusted professionals
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