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Custom Training & Seminars

Elevate your team's skills and amplify your organization's growth with our diverse range of training programs. From our library of established courses to our ability to craft custom training experiences, Lakeland HR Solutions is your partner in driving excellence tailored to your unique needs. Additionally, we offer expert speakers available for booking, bringing insightful perspectives and expertise to your events and conferences.
HR 101/Policy In Practice
Workplace Investigations
Diversity and Inclusion Training
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Customization Expertise: Beyond our selection of courses, we understand that every organization has unique requirements, and we craft solutions tailored precisely to meet those needs.

Varied Learning Offerings: Whether choosing from our selection of courses or opting for a custom-designed program, we provide varied learning opportunities spanning industries and skill sets.

Engaging Delivery: Our skilled facilitators ensure that learning experiences, whether from our standard offerings or customized programs, are engaging, relevant, and immediately applicable to your team's goals.

Adaptable Formats: We accommodate various preferences and organizational requirements, offering in-person, virtual, or blended learning environments.

Results-Focused Approach: Our commitment goes beyond knowledge transfer. We strive for measurable improvements in performance and efficiency through our programs.


Discovery Consultation: We delve into in-depth consultations to understand your organization's specific challenges, culture, and objectives.

Tailored Solutions: Leveraging our expertise, we create custom training programs that directly address your identified needs and align with your organizational goals.

Seamless Delivery: Our team ensures a seamless delivery, fostering an engaging and impactful learning experience.

Feedback & Follow Up: Post-training, we follow up to discuss the program and request any feedback for the development of future programs.​



Begin the development of your customized training solutions or book a speaker for your event. 
Contact us today to discuss your unique training requirements or event needs. Let's collaborate to create a tailored learning experience or secure an knowledgeable interactive speaker 

About The Lead Instructor

Course instructor is Sara Hurtubise, Director of Lakeland HR Solutions. Sara is a Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) with a Bachelor of Commerce with a Human Resources Management Major and Minor in Business Law. Sara utilizes her education and her over 15 years industry experience to guide learners through a systematic approach in development of their leadership essentials. Training also includes a team facilitator approach to support  the hands on workshop activities.



“Instructors were pleasant and personable. Group activities were fun and valuable. The material covered reflected what I believe is a valuable leader.”

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