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Policy Development Services

What is Policy Development?

A policy is a set of expectations and guidelines established by a company to ensure clear expectations and alignment is required legislation and best practices. Policies can be unique as each company, for value added policies the following characteristics are recommended: be specific, clear, uniform, appropriate, simple, inclusive, and stable. Effective policies require to be reviewed and updated to meet changing workplace demands and legislation.

Why is Policy Development Important?

Business policies are important and have an impact on a variety of factors, including employee satisfaction, legal responsibilities, and a company’s reputation. Policies ensure that everyone is clear and in agreement with what is expected of them. A company may have policies that apply to many facets of the business. There could be health and safety, human resources, hiring policies and pay practices.

A key part of policies in ensuring legislation compliance, here are a few important Employment Legislation in Alberta that either require policies or highly recommend. In Alberta, key employment legislation to consider in your policy writing is OH&S, Employment Standards, PIPA, and Human Rights.

  1. OHS: Safeguarding workers' well-being is crucial for occupational health and safety. To minimize workplace hazards, injuries, and illnesses, Alberta OH&S encompasses preventative measures, regulations and training. Efficient OH&S programs foster a culture of safety by prioritizing risk assessment, hazard control, and employee engagement. Safeguarding employees' physical and mental well-being protects the workers and Alberta’s economy. Varying Health and Safety Programs and Policies are required for employees of all sizes that operate in Alberta.

  2. Alberta Employment Standards lay out the rules for minimum standards that employers must provide to their employees. Some regulations that apply are payment of wages, hours of work, overtime, vacations, general holidays, leaves, termination of employment, and additional areas. Alberta employees and employers can find detailed information regarding their rights and minimum obligations.

  3. Personal Information Protection Act is in place for the protection of personal information and to grant a right of access to an individual's personal information, PIPA applies to private sector organizations, businesses, and in some cases, non-profit organizations that are subject to provincial regulation. PIPA affected organizations are required to create and adhere to acceptable policies in order to fulfill their legal duties.

  4. Alberta Human Rights: Covers the basic requirements of an employer to create and maintain a discrimination free workplace. The Act covers protected grounds, processes required by employers. We highly recommend an Accommodation Policy, Diversity Policy as well as Respect in the Workplace Policy to show your company’s commitment to fostering a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Pro-active for Employee Engagement

Effective policies are a best practice to be proactive in fostering employee engagement and satisfaction. All organizations need effective employee engagement initiatives in order to improve work environments, lower employee turnover, boost productivity, foster stronger working connections with clients, and increase bottom lines. Whether the focus is on compensation strategy or recognition initiatives, great policies and company programs can make your workers happier and make them your biggest supporters.

How Lakeland HR Solutions Can Help

We support all types of Policy Development, whether it is reviewing that binder that has been collecting dust and bringing it to life to a startup that has grown and is now in need of policies.

Although some legislation creates more standard policy requirements, when it comes to HR Policies many are as unique as the company. We believe in a custom approach that is value added specific for the company in simple to understand language. Policies don’t work when they are sitting on a shelf, we bring them to life and ensure they are adding value in your organization.

We provide:

  • Review of Current Policies

  • Creation of New Policies

  • Integration into a New Manual

  • Employee Access (including Employee Site Development and Maintenance)

  • Custom Forms

  • Custom Supporting Documents

  • Ongoing Reviews and Updates

  • Policy Implementation Support (including Custom Training Development both in person and online)

How it works:

  1. Initial Needs Analysis: Review current Policies, analyze gaps and provide recommendations

  2. Information Gathering: Review history, verify intent, and develop solutions framework.

  3. Policy Drafting: Custom Policies based on Organizational needs.

  4. Final Approval & Implementation: Training if required based on Organizational needs.

Click here to learn more about our Policy Development services.


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