The Smoking Gun & the ONE Key Item Employers Must Have to Manage it

It's the burning topic on many employer's minds theses days: how are you expected to keep a safe and productive workplace with the upcoming cannabis act in July 2018.

I was fortunate to attend a couple information sessions in the Lakeland area this week and have been researching many different resources. There was a lot of information out there and challenges for employers to manage safety in the workplace without an impairment test for cannabis and the upcoming legislation. Employers have the responsibility to maintain a safe work site. The best way to manage this in regards to alcohol and drugs and the absolute key item you need is an effective alcohol and drug policy.

So what makes a solid A&D Policy, a lot goes into it and by no means is this a comprehensive list but here are a couple items to know in regards to managing cannabis:

1. There is a clear difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana and they can be managed differently. Medical marijuana has been around for many years and has increased significantly over the last 2 years. It is not a prescription (no DIN) but an authorized treatment. See chart below for summary of difference and key policy items for both: