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6 Tips for Your Resume

1. Clean Layout

  • Make sure your resume is clean and easy to read by organizing and separating your work or volunteer experience, education, certifications, skills, and other job-related requirements

2. Short and to the Point

  • Keep your resume short and to the point by fitting all relevant information preferably onto one page if possible

3. Check Spelling and Grammar

  • Review your resume to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes

4. Current

  • Keep all information current and up to date such as: Location, contact information, and work experience

5. Professional Email

  • If you do not have a professional email, we recommend that you create one to add to your resume

  • We suggest simply using your first and last name (ex.

6. Customize Cover Letter if Applicable

  • If writing a cover letter, customize the letter for each job that you’re applying for by only adding relevant information that fits the job description and requirements

We will be at the Bonnyville Job Fair May 13th at the C2 bring your resume for a free 5 min review with our team!

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