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Smooth Transitions: Navigating Outplacement Services for a Win-Win Solution

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Outplacement Services 

It is likely that you’ll have to let employees go at some point as an employer. Fortunately, there is a procedure to ensure that everyone engaged has the best experience possible. By using outplacement, you may assist these employees while safeguarding your business and reputation. Let’s examine outplacement’s definition and operation in more detail. 

What is outplacement?

Outplacement, also known as a career transition service, is a service offered by employers to recently terminated employees. The service, which is an optional component of off boarding and is typically provided as part of a severance package, is intended to aid in the transfer to another position or industry. It typically covers a range of services, including career coaching, interview preparation, guidance on job searching, and more. 

Value of Outplacement 

You might ask why you would commit to outplacement since it entails investing time and money on workers who are leaving your business. Here are just a few of the many advantages of providing outplacement services. 

  • Improve Your Reputation: You demonstrate that you genuinely care about your employees by investing in outplacement. This can enhance your company’s reputation and make it simpler for you to attract and keep top talent in the future. 

  • Reduce Risk: When terminated, it's usual for employees to experience anger and frustration. However, they’ll be less inclined to resort to workplace violence or file a wrongful termination case if they know you’ll assist them in finding another job. Also as it supports their transition into new employment, it lessens the employers risk of damages.

  • Increase Employee Morale: It can be uncomfortable for current employees to lose their employment. However, if they are aware that you provide outplacement services, they will feel less nervous and more encouraged to keep putting in hard work for your business. 

  • Lower Unemployment Costs: Former employees can find new positions faster with the assistance of outplacement than they could on their own. Their need for unemployment benefits will decrease as soon as they find work, which will result in lower unemployment insurance premiums. 

How it works 

Outplacement services can be provided in a one-on-one or group setting, in person, online or via phone. Companies can choose to offer outplacement services internally or externally. Most companies choose to partner with a third party to allow them to focus their efforts elsewhere. Companies can choose what works best for them, although if you are a smaller company outsourcing is likely your best option. 

Here is how it works:

  1. Employer Purchases Outplacement Service and Outplacement Service Package is sent with detailed instructions to provide to the employee. We recommend you provide this Outplacement Service Package to your Employee upon Termination and that you reference in their termination letter the offer of Outplacement. If you need support processing terminations we support that as well with our On Demand Services.

  2. The Employee will reach out to Lakeland HR directly as per the instructions in the Service Package. Lakeland HR Solutions provides services at the choice of the individual: meeting options include in-person at our Bonnyville office, online, or over the phone for outplacement services.

  3. Personalized Services offered are based on the needs of the Employee and include:

  • Resume & Document Review

  • One on One meeting to understand the goals

  • Resume Creation

  • Cover Letter Creation

  • Social Media Screening

  • Interview Preparations/Mock Interviews

  • Sourcing for Opportunities

Termination can happen, and it is stressful for everyone. Show you care about the future of your people even if that future does not include your business with Lakeland HR Solution's Outplacement Services. Local Professional Support in the Lakeland, covering Bonnyville, Cold Lake and St. Paul area!


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