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Lakeland HR Solutions - Recruitment Hub

Welcome to Lakeland HR Solutions Employer Hub where you can send files, schedule a chat with your Lead Recruiter and access resources. Your Lead Recruiter will reach out based on the terms discussed during your phone call.

Recruiter Contact

JIllian Howell

Your lead Recruiter is here to support! Schedule a call through the online booking service or email directly.

Annalise Clarke

Recruiterflow Support

Candidate Access

Once your job is posted online, candidates are collected in our Applicant Tracking System called "Recruiterflow". You will be given access to Recruiterflow from a Welcome Email, sent to the contact email you provided

Your Recruiterflow Dashboard is where you will be able to:

  • @tag and communicate with your Lead Recruiter on Candidate Profiles

  • Move Candidates to "Recruiter Review" Stage by clicking "Thumbs Up"

  • Disqualify Candidates by clicking "Thumbs Down"

  • View documents, applications and notes

Helpful Links 

Quick Login Link

If you did not receive a welcome email from Recruiterflow reset your password

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