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3 Questions that Your Interviews Must Answer Before Hiring a New Employee

Are you interview questions getting the right information? Here are the 3 things that you need to be able to answer after your interviews and reference checks. Want a bank of interview questions to draw from - sign up for my newsletter to receive a list of free questions you can use to develop your interview.

A quick note on process: I recommend a mix of structured and unstructured interview style – the structure is good to be prepared and get similar information from each of the candidates for comparison, where as the unstructured can really dig into the candidates fit and provides flexibility in the interview. I think behavioural questions (asking about previous experiences) can be useful when used in the right context, examples on when to use behavioural, open-ended and direct questions are below.

Three items you need to be able to answer being making the final hiring decision:

  1. Job Skills – does the candidate have the skills to do the job

  2. Personal Characteristics Fit – does the candidate’s personal characteristics fit the job and company

  3. Employability Fit – compensation, schedule fit

Okay so how do you develop your questions to get these answered? Here is a look at the process:

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

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