Why Lakeland HR?

There are a ton of great reasons to partner with Lakeland HR to build policies and practices that will set your company up for success:


Real People In Your Community

We're based in Bonnyville, and we've gotten to know the people and businesses in the area. We can link you up with other companies who can help you out.


Real HR Professionals

Sara has over ten years of HR experience, in big and small companies, with professional credentials and multiple courses and specialities. If there's something that you need to know about HR, then you can always ask her. Sara draws in resources when needed and has partnerships with Safety Specialists, Corporate Strategic Planning, and Benefits to ensure Lakeland HR clients get the expertise they need. 


A Collaborative Approach

For established companies, our approach isn't to hand out ready-made solutions and leave, it's to work with you to figure out how to use our knowledge to fulfill your specific needs.



If you have a small company then we can offer templates and off-the-shelf solutions to common HR problems, allowing you to get professional processes without high costs.


& You Can Always Get In Touch

We try to be available to our clients as much as possible, and we will always answer your questions.

The best way to get to know us is to book a free initial consult link and talk to us about what you need.