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Any business with one or more employee could use the services of a HR professional - even in a tiny company there can be disputes that could be solved by having well thought-out and mutually agreed-upon policies. When companies get bigger the problems can get larger and more widespread... and a lot harder to change.

If you are running any kind of company you really need to think about Human Resources, but there are some people who we specialize in helping:

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Small Business Owners

We're a small business, as many HR consultants are. This means that we have gone through, or probably are still going through the problems common to starting and sustaining a business. It's a fact that most small businesses will fail in the first eighteen months, and you need all of the support you can get, especially when it comes to...

Finding and keeping the best employees is vital when you're starting out.

I'll pay you every couple of weeks' isn't going to set you up for success. We can create templates for employee contracts that will cover you in any eventuality.

 You can always get into disputes and disagreements with your staff, and your staff will need things like annual leave worked out in ways that are fair and set in stone to avoid further disputes.

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HR Managers, Coordinators and other Professionals

We're also available to support the in-house HR departments--whether you have a team, or have found yourself in the role by working your way up in the company. Everybody needs some help now and again, especially from people with an outside perspective, and we're great partners to work with.

We can help with...

If you're running a busy HR department you might not have the time for a full audit of the company followed by the writing of a large binder of policies. We've got plentiful experience in this area and can work on this while you concentrate on the the day-to-day.

Handling harassment in-house can open you up to some scary legal and repetitional risk, so having an outside investigator come in to impartially and professionally handle these difficult situations could be a decision that pays for itself in no time.

To retain your employees you'll need to offer them competitive compensation and benefits packages--health, retirement and more. Finding and administering these policies isn't easy, but at Lakeland HR we have experience in building compensation structures and benefits packages and can help you find the ones that are right for you.

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How's your HR?

Human Resources isn't always easy to get right--there is constantly changing legislation, legal implications and business risk involved--so we've prepared a snapshot for employers and managers to find out where they could be vulnerable.

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