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Legislative awareness 



Thanks for taking the training, as discussed here are some key resources.


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Employers are required to post these in their workplace. 

Employment standards reference guide to support determining if a worker is an employee or a contractor.

Employment standards reference document looking at whether an employee falls within the managerial/supervisory role.

A great overview by employment lawyers on the legal framework in Alberta for employers. 

Workers Compensation Board site has lots of FAQ publications as well for employers access to for all their account and claim information.

Alberta's site overviewing employment standards. They also have a free call in support number or online submission of questions.

Alberta Human Rights commission website includes an employment related section as well as lots of great information sheets for reference. 

Overview of privacy legislation and links to the Personal Information Protection Act.

Alberta's OH&S site has lots of great resources. Check out the education and resource centre, some really helpful guides for small businesses and hazard assessments are available.

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