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Get custom, professional service for your small business

As a small business owner and manager you have enough on your plate: let's team up to put strategies in place for your Human Resources Management. Whether you are just starting out, your company has grown and you now need processes and policies or you want a cold eye's review of the program you have Lakeland HR Solutions offers customized service. You and your team are unique, and so should your HR strategy. 

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Policy Development

Human Resource and employment legislation is a complex, ever-changing world, but it is a critical aspect of any business—whether you’ve got 1, or 100 employees. At Lakeland HR we’ve got a proven process that sets your organization on solid HR footing.


Initial Needs Analysis

Your organization is unique and requires a thorough analysis of where you’re at, where you’re going and how we can improve your HR policies.  Our goal at Lakeland HR is to assist your plans for growth and improved employee productivity, while also decreasing your exposure to the legal risks involved with managing employees. 


Information Gathering

As an entrepreneur or manager, you know good decisions are based on sound information.  We have the same belief. Once we’ve completed an initial needs analysis to get a 10,000 foot view of your organization, we will then meet with key stakeholders to confidentially review any past issues, determine specific context, verify policy intent and start to develop a solutions framework that will best meet your needs. 


Policy Development

This is where we get to work.  The word ‘policy binder’ might not sound exciting to you right now, but it provides a much-needed structure for your team, sets your business up for future growth and helps to protect you against any legal risks.  We will draft your policies and the collaborate with you to ensure that they are exactly what your business needs—from Privacy Policies that ensure your adherence to PIPA to Sexual Harassment Policies that provide clarity in stressful situations.


Final Approval and Implementation 

We don’t want a policy binder that sits on the shelf gathering dust - we want it to work for you as intended.  We always include a training session with management and provide optional facilitation services for roll-out to employees. 


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Have a concern or facing a current challenge with your team? Get the advantage of your own HR team only when you need it with hands-on HR Professional. Here is what we offer:

  • Job Postings - varying service levels from writing the ads, posting on your behalf or reviewing your current ads and providing feedback

  • Pre-screening - don't have time to call candidates to see if they are qualified? Let me help by either using an application form or doing an initial pre-screen on your behalf

  • Interview support - set up an interview process and questions to help you get the right information

  • Offer Letters - don't make the mistake of not providing an employment contract. Services include: providing templates, help you write them or if you need one processed I can take care of it for you, choose the service that works for you

  • Reference & Background Checks - don't miss this critical step in your process

  • Onboarding support - ensure you are getting the right information and doing a great job of onboarding your new hires

Employee Relations

You have worked hard recruiting top talent, creating policies and job expectations. Protect your investments and maximize employee performance with excellent employee relations management. Here are some of the employee relations services offered:

  • Employee Terminations - support in determining the best course of action as well as the process

  • Policy in Practice Training - make sure you teams know what is expected of them

  • Performance Management - develop or assess a performance management system that works for your company, performance plans can increase your team's performance and bottom line

  • Workplace Harassment Investigations - It is the company's responsibility to ensure that the workforce is free from harassment, discrimination, and violence. When workplace concerns arise ensure you are doing a proper and thorough job of managing. Not sure how to handle workplace concerns or want some advice - we can either help create a management process or provide advice on individual cases. As a trained, experience investigator we can investigate formal workplace concerns when appropriate.

  • Changes to employment status/terms - Ensure proper process and documentation when managing employee transitions.

  • Leave of Absence - ensure you are managing your employee's leaves appropriately and within legislation. 

Compensation and Benefits

Providing competitive compensation and benefits is a basic requirement to attracting and retaining employees. Ensure your compensation structure is getting the performance you need. Services include:

  • Market analysis - ensure you are paying appropriate with market analysis of your jobs compensation

  • Pay for performance - and incentive pay plans implementation and review

  • Benefits Review and Assessment-  often small businesses feel like they can't afford them or there are no solutions that fit what they are looking for. There are many options out there to explore that provide the flexibility and protection (insurance) you need. 

HR Audit and Action Plan

Not sure where to start, do you know if you HR is performing well or is aligned with legislation? The HR Audit tool is a questionnaire based on your company. From your answers a customized action plan will be created. Take the first step towards optimizing your HR program today. 

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