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Some courses may be eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant, learn more here.

Legislation Awareness Online Training

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It is essential that managers and owners know the basics of the employment legislation in Alberta. This online course overviews the key employment legislation and key items to know. To sign up please fill in the contact form, you will be provided a login within 24 hours. 

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Lakeland HR Solutions offers a management training program that includes general management training, legislative awareness, and client specific policy in practice management training with a focus on Human Resource and Safety Policies. Successful participants completing the course will be provided a Certification of Completion. Contact for quote, pricing varies depending on number of participants and number of modules of training program (can be customized for need of the participants). 

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This comprehensive course provides the skills, knowledge, and resources to develop and implement an effective human resources management system for Alberta based non-union employers (including private, public, and not for profit organizations). The course is broken down into three modules completed in order. The first module reviews the fundamentatals of Human Resources Management to provide the base knowledge on key legislation and best practises. The next section is an instructor-led hands on group assignment of Human Resources Management System development. Here the participants will build on the fundamentals they learned in the first section and work directly with the instructer to design and develop key HR elements with the unique needs of their specific organization. The final module is instructor-led training on how to implement the developed HR systems. Instructor will utilize their experience and professional knowledge to provide hands-on support, resources, and feedback to lead the participants in the development, implementation and maintenance of effective Human Resources Management Systems.

Respect in the Workplace

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Training focused one recognizing what is harassment including the legislative requirements.Overview of tips for prevention of harassment and violence and fostering a respectful workplace. Overview of investigation Process: Why, When & How and the aftermath: Remedial Actions. Contact for details.

Custom Training

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Have a Human Resources training need in your organization? Contact us today to see if we can support you. We offer a variety of custom training programs tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

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