When you're an ambitious small business, everybody needs to be giving 100%. When you started out you probably recruited people you know and trust, but now that you're growing you need that search to be more in-depth so you can find a lasting, strong employees to add to your team.



It's not enough to put your job posting on Kijiji then wait for the perfect candidate to call. To get the best candidates you need to post intelligently written ads to the right job boards, such as those that specialize in recruiting for your industry.


We can provide you with templates or employment contracts that provide a solid base for your future relationship with a new employee.


Don't have time to call candidates to see if they are qualified? Let us help by either using an application form or doing an initial pre-screen on your behalf


References don't have to be a hoop for jobseekers to jump through - they can really tell you a lot about a candidate if you get them right. We can also arrange background checks to screen potential employees.


Interviewing is an art and a science, so we'll support you by helping you to write interview questions and development assessments.


Having a standardized way of getting a new employee up to speed can prevent problems down the road - it's essential to get this right.

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