When you started out you probably recruited people you know and trust, but now that you're growing you need that search to be more in-depth so you can find a lasting, strong employees to add to your team.


Permanent Placements

Offering full recruitment placement services to find the right fit for your team. Take advantage of local experts with experience recruiting skilled trade workers, professionals, management, administrative support staff, and skilled labour in multiple industries.

Offer Letters

We can provide you with templates or employment contracts that provide a solid base for your future relationship with a new employee.

Recruitment Process Review

Ensure your recruitment processes are meeting your needs with a review and revamp. Offering review of offer letters, job postings, interview processes, and onboarding and training. 

Pre-Hire Checks

References don't have to be a hoop for jobseekers to jump through - they can really tell you a lot about a candidate if you get them right. We can also arrange background checks to screen potential employees.

Get the advantage of social media screens done by a third party to reduce the exposure to your company while getting the information you need. 

New Hire Training

Save time and ensure consistent training for new hires with developing online courses customized to your company - contact us today for more details.

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