Employee Relations

Once you've recruited the right people who don't just need to keep them, you need to maximize their performance, make sure that they're following the policies that you've agreed on and, perhaps, end their employment in a way that doesn't lead to bad blood or legal fees.

That's where Employee Relations comes in: we help in meditating the relationship between you and the people working for you, making sure that everybody knows their responsibilities and stays within the law - and what's right.

Performance Management


We can help you develop and keep optimizing a performance management system that works for your company, with performance plans for your employees to build their skills.

Workplace Harassment Investigations

It's your responsibility to keep your company free of harassment and bullying. When these events happen you need a robust system for getting to the bottom of the problem. As trained, experienced investigators we can help.

Policy In Practice Training

You've written your policies, your employees have signed their contracts - now what? Policy In Practice Training helps your employees adjust to working in your company.

Leaves of Absence

The country and province's legislation on leaves of absence can be hard to follow, and you can't afford to get them wrong. We can make sure that you're handling your employees' vacations and sick days within the law.

Changes to Employment Status

Your employees careers aren't set in stone: they'll move up or side-to-side in your company hierarchy, and when they do you'll need support for them and yourself.

Employee Terminations

If the worst comes to worst then you may need to show an employee the door. We can support you during this difficult and emotional time, reducing your risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit.

How's your HR?

Human Resources isn't always easy to get right--there is constantly changing legislation, legal implications and business risk involved--so we've prepared a snapshot for employers and managers to find out where they could be vulnerable.