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Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are a great way to take your Human Resources Management to the next level as they are used for many HR functions. Learn more about what they are used for and how to create them.

What are Job Descriptions?

Job Descriptions (JD's) provide information to employees on what their job expectations are, how they relate to business goals, qualifications required for the job and performance indicators. 

Benefits of Having JD's

JD's can be used in job postings, employment contracts, career development and training, compensation analysis, health and safety program, and performance management. If done properly they can support legal defence in regards to performance management as expectations are clear from start of position. 

How Lakeland HR Solutions Can Help

We can tailor the service to suit your company from reviewing your existing JD's, providing standard templates for the positions in your company, to providing a full custom JD's development and implementation.

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