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Policy Development

Human resource and the laws around employment are always changing. You may have great policies today, but new laws could be introduced tomorrow, and you need to keep up. That's why we've built a process to build policies that work.

How's your HR?

Human Resources isn't always easy to get right--there is constantly changing legislation, legal implications and business risk involved--so we've prepared a short quiz for employers and managers to find out where they could be vulnerable and how to improve.

Initial Needs Analysis

We take the temperature of your company, getting to know where you are, where you're likely to be soon and where you want to be in the long term. We'll use this information to build policies that contribute to your long-term success, while also decreasing your exposure to legal risks.

Information Gathering

Once we have a bird's eye view of your organization we can get into the nitty-gritty. We'll meet with you and key stakeholders inside and outside of your company to review past issues, verify your intent and develop a solutions framework that works for everyone in your organization.

Policy Development

Now we sit down to figure it all out. We'll produce a Policy Binder that's your one-stop shop for setting your business up for further success: it has all of your policies, allowing you to instantly resolve any problems that might arise. We'll work with you on these policies to make sure that they're providing all the legal cover you need without tying up your business in red tape.

Final Approval and Implementation

We don't just deliver the binder and leave, we train you, your managers and even your entire workforce in what your new policies mean in practice.

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It's time to get your HR policies done right:

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