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Lakeland HR is all about finding solutions for common business problems that can trip up growing companies. Recruiting the right people, writing watertight policies, managing performance, making sure that your employee's leaves comply with legislation. It's not one job, it's dozens of small ones, which is why you need a HR professional with years of experience.

Hello I'm Sara

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Human Resources Management, and gaining a Certified Human Resources Professional (CPHR) designation, I worked in corporate HR for ten years. My roles have included everything from employee relations advisor, recruiter to HR Manager at major oil and gas companies, retail companies and small private businesses.


More recently, my family moved to Bonnyville, making the town our home and starting Lakeland HR. My partner and I both left secure jobs at large companies to take the leap (and the risk!) of becoming entrepreneurs. For you, that means that I understand not just what small companies need in terms of HR, but all of the problems that a small business will face. That allows me to take a holistic approach to your business, not just tick all the boxes.


My goal is to give small businesses in Bonnyville and across Northeastern Alberta the advantage of a dedicated HR team without the cost, providing the absolute best support for all of my clients.

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